About ShareChess.org

ShareChess.org was created when I moved away and wanted to share some of my games with my friends back home.

There are lots of websites where I can view master level chessgames, but I wanted a website where I could view the games that are most important to me - my games.

ShareChess.org is designed to be easy to use, and freely available to all players, of all levels, all over the world.

ShareChess.org is a not-for-profit web site, with no fees and minimal advertising. We only advertise products that we personally use and enjoy, so we hope that you will like them too.

If you want to ask a question, report a bug, request a feature, or just tell us how you you use ShareChess.org, please send us an email at info@sharechess.org

We'd love to hear from you.

-Leif Terry (Webmaster of ShareChess.org)

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